Captions for Conscious Living

Access Consciousness.  Accurate Captions.

Webcast Captioning

My mission and passion is to  provide fast, accurate and reliable captions to any live webinar, webcast or live stream you are hosting so that your message can be understood by the entire world.  The live captions are verbatim and at 98.5 percent accuracy or higher.

25% of the American population is deaf, hard of hearing or use English as a second language?  By providing captions to your live streams, webinars, webcasts and live web event you can send your message out to a wider audience and be ADA compliant.

Did you know that captions benefit all viewers?  The content in your videos is more readily understood and retained if the material has been captioned.

When you provide captions for your audience, your words are accessible to all those who speak English, and it lets everyone know that you are socially compassionate and ADA responsible.  Let's work together to create accessibility for all! 

Onsite CART Captioning

I am also able to provide live captions for any seminars, retreats and trainings.